Do you know an exemplary school nurse or school nurse administrator who consistently upholds the highest standards of care, professionalism, and dedication to the well-being of New Mexico’s students? The New Mexico School Nurses Association (NMSNA) is currently accepting nominations for the prestigious titles of School Nurse Administrator of the Year and School Nurse of the Year

In addition, NMSNA is accepting nominations for the esteemed Marlene McDowell Distinguished Service Award and nominations for the Horizon Award, which recognizes a novice school nurse demonstrating outstanding practice and leadership.

In our commitment to honoring those contributing to student health, NMSNA is also seeking nominations for individuals, irrespective of nursing licensure, who tirelessly work towards the betterment of our students' well-being. These nominations are welcomed for the Special Recognition Award, acknowledging a school nurse or other individual who completes a special project significantly impacting school nursing practice, and the Community Service Award, recognizing an individual or organization promoting the health of school children in New Mexico.

We encourage you to nominate deserving individuals for one or more of the esteemed school nursing awards or individuals who have made a notable impact for the Recognition or Community Service Award. This is your opportunity to illuminate and celebrate the exceptional contributions of school nurses and healthcare professionals across the state!

Please locate the nomination forms on this page. NMSNA invites you to complete them by March 08, 2024. Your participation is instrumental in highlighting the exceptional school nurses across the state. We sincerely appreciate your support for school nursing, and we eagerly await your submissions. Thank you for contributing to the recognition of these outstanding professionals in the field!